Integrated protection
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Integrated protection of your business

The company Dialog City provides integrated support for any type of business. Competitive intelligence, technical and personal safety, human resources, legal and security services, GR-services - this list is constantly expanding. We can help you in only one area, or we can take full information, legal, accounting and physical protection with a 100% guarantee of the result.

Employees with strong connections

All employees of the company are experienced professionals with many years of working experience in various secret services and governmental agencies. We have our own people in all defense and law enforcement agencies and executive authorities. Dialog City specialists can quickly solve any problem related to your business security. We also know everything about how to optimize work in the field of business management.

Rapid 24/7 protection

We protect your business 24/7, without breaks, weekends and holidays. First of all, we are talking about the legal and physical protection because sometimes every minute counts and any delay can be very costly. A rapid response team has been created by Dialog City, which goes to an emergency site at your first call, at any time of day or night.

Reliability of business -communications

task execution

Safety of all
business areas


Our team

Staff plays the main role in companies engaged in business protection and support. Such companies, as a rule, have good specialists with great professional experience, who know how to quickly resolve a given question.

However, our company does not hire just "good people." Dialog City has only the best people in their field. They are experts who do not just eliminate the problems, but prevent their appearance at an early stage. You might not even know about an imminent crisis, though our experts are already working on its best solutions.

Dialog City employees have not only vast experience, but also extensive contacts in the various executive authorities. Such useful contacts can guarantee to solve any problem in the field of corporate security within the shortest possible time.

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